Oki Air eyes Adria Airways brand


Oki Air, a company specialised in airline services, has expressed interest in acquiring the Adria Airways brand name and has written to the former national carrier’s bankruptcy administrator. Oki Air acts as a General Sales Agent (GSA) for several airlines in Slovenia, Montenegro and Croatia, and was previously the Slovenian carrier’s GSA in select markets. Adria’s bankruptcy administrator has been unsuccessfully attempting to sell the brand. It was first offered for 100.000 euros and then 50.000 euros but there was no interest on either occasion.


  1. Anonymous11:56

    Interesting. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous12:16

    Hope not.

  3. Anonymous12:17

    Leave it dead as it is.

  4. Anonymous12:53

    I think is bringing bad business luck buying a name of a bankrupt company.
    Do you agree?

  5. Anonymous20:23

    I think that name alone ADRIA or ADRIA AIRWAYS is very much worth because name alone has no debt and negative connotation, anybody starting "greenfield" company will have a lot of plus sales with ADRIA name than brand new name regarding the ticket sales in EX YU area. Remember COVID 19 has had and is mixing around so hard the situation that many "have been" bigger airlines will have harder then "New CO under name ADRIA" to re-start operation. Anybody with a good name and "opening positive balance sheet" will have better chances than existing airlines with hundred or billions in minus.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX23:34

    ADRIA itself without any link to JP is an excellent name.

  7. Anonymous17:02

    I remember the massive Adria aircraft model in their office in BEG airport! But what would they do with it? Though if they get the name for less than 50k, they could rebrand their OKI name to Adria :)

  8. Anonymous01:37

    From which country is Oki Air ?


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