PHOTOS: Windrose touches down in Zagreb


Ukraine’s Windrose Airlines inaugurated flights between Kiev and Zagreb yesterday, linking the two cities with a nonstop air service for the first time in three decades. The carrier deployed its brand new ATR72-600 turboprop for the first flight but will utilise an Embraer E145 jet for the remainder of the summer and upcoming winter season. “This is the first time in recent history that Kiev and Zagreb have been linked with nonstop flights. We are delighted that our joint efforts have resulted in the arrival of a new airline and the launch of a new destination in these tough times for the aviation industry”, Julien Pierre Coffinie, a member of Zagreb Airport’s management team, said. The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, flew on the inaugural flight and said, “The launch of this service will serve as an impetus for the development of bilateral relations and greater people to people exchange”. The first flight from Kiev to Zagreb was sold out on the 78-seat aircraft. The service will be maintained twice per week. Windrose becomes the first airline to launch a new route to Zagreb since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boryspil Airport

Zagreb Airport


  1. Anonymous13:44

    Happy for ZAG and 7W! This airline began from some old 19 year old Embraers to newer 3 year old ATRs! I really like their livery and their marketing seems to have improved a lot during the last couple of years. Their domestic network is quite decent and this means more Ukrainians will visit Croatia as well.
    Just proves how developed the Ukrainian aviation is: At least 10 operating, international airports, at least 4 airlines including a proper LCC, Kyiv has 2 international airports and the country is slowly developing too.

  2. Anonymous14:55

    Why the Atr needed a tug?

    1. For pushback :D

    2. Anonymous18:45

      As I know ATR pushes itself back, by reverse power

  3. Anonymous17:30

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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