Pristina demand grows after Swiss restrictions eased


Pristina Airport has seen an increase in arrivals from Switzerland after authorities there ended mandatory quarantine requirements for entry from Kosovo. “On October 2, 3, 4 and 5 we had over 20.063 travellers on arrival and departure. Of those, 12.500 passengers, as well as 78 of the 146 flights were from Switzerland”, Pristina Airport’s spokeswoman, Valentina Gara, said. The number of flights between Switzerland and Kosovo is also growing. Chair Airlines is now flying up to three times per day between Zurich and Pristina. On the other hand, Enter Air is maintaining four weekly flights from Basel to Kosovo. “In the last few weeks, demand for a trip back home from Switzerland has once again grown. We are now trying to meet this pent-up demand as best as possible”, Leyla Ibrahimi, the CEO of tour operator Air Prishtina and minority shareholder of Chair Airlines, said. Switzerland is Kosovo's number one travel market. In 2019 it accounted for 37% of all passenger numbers at Pristina Airport.


  1. Anonymous14:41

    Unbelievable achievement by PRN...20 thousand passenger in 5 days!!
    Would be interesting to check if Wizz increases flights to BSL/MLH
    That said, Easy will fly daily to both GVA and BSL! Crazy!!

    1. Anonymous15:45

      lol. Easy is one weekly to GVA and 3 weekly to BSL.


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