Pristina seeks UAE flights


The government of Kosovo is seeking to attract carriers to launch flights to the United Arab Emirates. "We expect that the UAE will open an embassy in Pristina, organise a joint economic forum, support investment, and encourage air companies to launch direct flights from UAE to Pristina", Prime Minister Abdullah Hoti said yesterday. The UAE and Kosovo inked a bilateral Air Service Agreement in 2012, enabling flights between the two. In December that same year, Air Arabia launched a two weekly service between Sharjah and Pristina, however, the route was suspended within a month.


  1. I guess Wizz Air will take on this route.

    1. Anonymous15:34

      It could also be FlyDubai, AirArabia and why not Emirates. There is a huge demand for the Gulf from PRN.

    2. Anonymous15:37

      Yeah it's Emirates of course LOL. If you read the article you would see no one is interested and the government is trying to get the UAE to nudge someone to start flights.

  2. Anonymous14:04

    Hello from Ljubljana

  3. Anonymous20:36

    They'll seek but I doubt they'll find.

  4. Anonymous01:30

    Air Arabia failed because the point-to-point demand between Kosovo and UAE is low. So is from Macedonia, however the connecting traffic from Southwest Pacific driven by a large Macedonian diaspora enables Skopje to maintain the direct link with Dubai. Kosovo has a small diaspora in Australia and New Zealand and few hundred military contractor workers in Afghanistan and Iraqi. But this is not enough to maintain a direct link, let alone if you fly into Sharjah. One solution is to merge with another market e.g. TIA, but due to distance the crew hours are a problem.


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