Ryanair returns to Bosnia with new service


Low cost carrier Ryanair resumed operations to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city yesterday following a seven-month hiatus by inaugurating flights between Gothenburg and Banja Luka. The service will run twice per week, despite most citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina being unable to enter Sweden, which has prolonged its entry ban for non-EU citizens and residents until December 22. “It is extremely gratifying that Ryanair has chosen to continue investing in [Gothenburg] Landvetter Airport with a new nonstop service to Bosnia and Herzegovina and has recognised this new opportunity on the market at such a difficult time", the head of Gothenburg Airport, Anna Stromwall, said. All other Ryanair flights to Banja Luka have been postponed until next March.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Bravo Banja Luka! New FR Base soon?

  2. Anonymous11:00

    some are posponed until March, some are in limbo

  3. Anonymous11:30

    I think this will be a smashing success because there are A LOT of Croats there as well. Smart move by FR.

  4. Anonymous13:46

    great news
    I hope it will last in these winter times when everyone closes everything again


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