Skopje Airport reaches 32% of 2019 traffic


Skopje Airport handled 510.801 passengers during the January - August period, representing around 32% of last year’s traffic within the same timeframe. Overall, passenger numbers for the eight-month period declined 67.4%. In August, traditionally its busiest month of the year, Skopje Airport welcomed 67.122 travellers through its doors, down 74.6%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN164.091 7.7
FEB147.717 7.3
MAR71.627 56.5
APR1.853▼ 100
MAY923 99.5
JUN49 99.6
JUL57.419 76.3
AUG67.122 74.6


  1. Anonymous14:39

    comparing apples and pears

    SKG jul -69,4%, aug -57.5%
    SOF jul -62,4%, aug -57.1%
    the rest have no numbers for Jul/Aug (BEG has only nr for Jul -84.1%)

  2. Anonymous15:41

    TIA doing good. 900.000 for Jan-Aug

  3. Anonymous15:56

    That is actually not too bad for such an airport.

  4. Anonymous16:28

    Might be the second busiest behind BEG this year!

  5. Anonymous17:22

    If TIA continues with this trend, then yes. It will become just right after BEG.
    That said, it seems the negative figures. Interestingly there were very few Serbian arrivals compared to departures in August in SKG:

    Total: 139.877

    SOF had 289,437 passengers in AUG.

  6. Anonymous17:27

    there are no numbers for TIA

  7. Anonymous17:38

    How can a change be 100% negative, when there were passengers. Even 1 passenger would be enough to keep it above 100%. I also sow similar thing in the SPU article last week.

    1. Visit Kosovo22:59

      Allow me to explain.

      Figures in aviation, but also in other sectors are rounded up or down based on specific rules. So, if they are rounded to the nearest percentage then anything up to 0.50% is rounded down, whereas anything equal of higher than 0.51 is rounded up.

      The author here is rounding the figures to the neatest 10th of a percentage. So, if the reduction in passenger numbers was 99.51 or higher than it’s rounded to 100%.

      Having said that, SKP appears to have handled nearly 1% of its April 2019 traffic in April 2020, so it appears that that figure is incorrect even with rounding up or down. If you round to the nearest 10th of a percent then April 2020 figures are 99.0% down.


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