Air France extends Ljubljana suspension


Air France will delay the resumption of its flights between Paris and Ljubljana, which were suspended earlier this month. The service was initially to be restored on December 16, however, it has now been delayed until January 5. Further changes remain likely. 


  1. Jatovac10:37

    they won't be flying during the New Year and Christmas holidays? Interesting

    1. Anonymous10:46

      Let's face it: Slovenia like most European countries will be under total lockdown during Christmas and New Year holiday.

    2. Anonymous10:54

      You wanna bet we are going to be most affected?

      I thought that Fraport expected mild recovery in December. How that? with AF no flying at all? TK reducing flights to twice per week?

    3. Anonymous07:33

      I do not like this at all. AF was a great link with the world, one we lost now.

  2. Iztok14:27

    Yesterday it was possible, but today (24.11.2020) on AF webpage it is not possible to book and flight Paris-Ljubljana before 1st Feb 2021 anymore. It seems that January 2021 is already lost for Paris-Ljubljana with AF, too.


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