Air Serbia runs 300 charter flights


Air Serbia operated almost 300 charter flights from July 5 until the end of the summer season on October 25 despite the coronavirus pandemic. It carried out 299 return flights to popular leisure destinations in Turkey, Egypt and Greece. The majority of the flights were to the Turkish coast - 189 in total, followed by 108 to Egypt, and only two return flights to Greece, due to the introduction of travel restrictions. The most popular destination was Antalya with 163 return flights. Air Serbia commenced charter operations to Turkey on July 5 and also operated services to Bodrum. Charters to Egypt were restored on August 4, with services to Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh. With a total of 122 rotations carried out, August was the best month in terms of the number of operated charter flights. The Head of Trade and Corporate Sales at Air Serbia, Boško Rupić, said, “Having in mind the current circumstances which are significantly limiting people’s ability to travel, we can say the results are relatively satisfactory. We owe a great gratitude to our partners - travel agencies - for working hard together with us to enable the greatest number of tourists to head to their desired destinations and enjoy their vacation like any other year. In these challenging times, when collective solidarity and support are needed the most, through our cooperation, we have managed to provide added value to our passengers, and our country's entire tourism sector, which is currently among the most severely affected”. In the coming period, Air Serbia plans to operate charters to Hurghada, Sharm el Sheik, Antalya and Bodrum at the end of December and the beginning of January.


  1. Anonymous13:41

    What was the number of charters last year?

    1. Anonymous13:47

      2.286 during the whole year.

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  2. Anonymous16:08

    How about to start next season charter flights from INI?


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