Air Serbia suspends Thessaloniki service


Air Serbia is temporarily suspending its flights between Belgrade and Thessaloniki due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the majority of November, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority had suspended all services to Greece’s second largest city as Thessaloniki went into lockdown due a rising number of Covid cases. Flights have now resumed for essential travel. However, Air Serbia has suspended its operations to the city until next summer season. Services are due to resume on March 28, 2021. The majority of Serbian national are not allowed entry into Greece. Air Serbia continues to maintain flights to Athens.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Not good at all. SKG was providing a lot of feed to the rest of the network.
    Fairly recently a BEG employee had told me that almost the majority of all SKG Greek arriving pax were continuing on other JU flights.
    Corona is really hurting us.

    1. Anonymous10:46

      LH also suspended SKG as flights are simply empty.

  2. Anonymous11:00

    Aviation is collapsing all around us.

  3. Anonymous11:09

    why fly empty

  4. Anonymous14:05

    I am surprised they managed to hold on for so long considering Serbian citizens are banned from entering Greece.

  5. Anonymous19:03

    First doses of the Russian vaccine should arrive this week. I know it's only 20 units but it's at least something. Hopefully more comes soon so that our aviation sector can go back to booming.

    1. Anonymous22:09

      Perhaps in 2022...


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