Brussels Airlines prolongs Ljubljana suspension


Brussels Airlines has extended the suspension of its flights to Ljubljana and now plans to restore operations at the start of the 2021 summer season. Initially, services were to resume on February 15 but will now start on March 28. Currently, there are no flights between the Belgian and Slovenian capitals.


  1. Ingvarsson13:53

    Why bother at all...

  2. Anonymous14:39

    Expected. Most of the others won't be back before the start of the 2021 summer season. Europe will be under lockdown, with different lockdown measures according to the specific epidemic situations in different parts and different periods, until spring.

    1. Anonymous15:25

      On first page of Exyu aviation you can read about: "Windrose maintain EX-YU expansion plans", "Edelweiss schedules Split holiday fligts", "SAS schedules Pristina holiday flights"..
      About LJU we can only read about suspension or that airline will park aircraft in LJU. Sorry but everywhere it's same situation but we are handling it worse than anyone.

    2. Anonymous19:39

      just wait ... from now on you need pcr test for entering croatia ... which means additional 100€ costs ... all the flights above are short period just for gastos to go home for holidays ... believe me, we will see more canceletions on next weeks also in Cro.

  3. Anonymous14:43

    But, wait. There is still hope for LJU. Maybe they'll park some planes over the winter, if they haven't already.

  4. Anonymous15:21

    We don't need them, Fraport has fulfilled their promise to bring big airlines to LJU. Now we have Swiss here, South African Airways,...

  5. LOL, who needs this line between LJU and BRU at this odd time of a day where you can get no connection? Is anybody of Slovene Business travellers interested to arrive at 10 PM in BRU without any chance of connecting???


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