Croatia holds talks with Jet2


The Croatian Minister for Tourism and Sport, Nikolina Brnjac, has held talks with British low cost carrier and tour operator Jet2 over their plans for the Croatian market for 2021. The two sides concluded that Croatia continues to play an important role in Jet2’s network but that its operations next year will largely depend on government restrictions and the epidemiological situation. The airline has cancelled plans to launch new flights to Zadar next year, which were initially to commence this summer. In 2019, Jet2 handled over 100.000 passengers on its flights to and from Croatia, while over 60.000 travel packages to the country were sold. It operates flights to Split, Dubrovnik and Pula on a seasonal summer basis.


  1. Anonymous11:11

    I'd love to see them open a base in ZAG.

    1. Anonymous11:21

      I think bases on the coast are more realistic.

    2. Anonymous16:01

      ZAG base is realistic, too, because it's where they can get all the technical support and maintenance. That's impossible on coastal seasonal airports.

    3. Anonymous17:55

      They are realistic on the level of Trebinje Airport.

    4. Anonymous19:20

      I would say Jet2 is more focused on UK bases only and flying to more leisure or massive destinations either winter or summer. I dont think they have a base outside of UK.
      But MAN-ZAG or STN-ZAG both make sense.

    5. Anonymous12:07

      I would agree; no chance of a base outside of the UK. This is probably more about route continuity than expansion


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