KLM schedules Split winter holiday flights


KLM will operate flights between Amsterdam and Split over the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. The service is primarily aimed at tourists. Flights will run on December 19, 20, 23 and 27, as well as January 2, 3 and 7 with the Embraer E190 jet. KLM operates seasonal summer flights between Amsterdam and Split, with this year marking the first time the carrier will maintain some operations during the winter. Meanwhile, KLM is currently the busiest foreign airline operating out of Zagreb.


  1. Anonymous13:53

    Nice livery, but so strange to see it on such a small plane. They always show their widebodies on promotinal photos :)

  2. Anonymous16:46

    Why should they post a picture of a Boeing 787 or similar if they actually do the flights on an E190?

  3. Anonymous18:20

    Hopefully this route gets a widebody real fast.

  4. Anonymous20:27

    This just shows how SPU is slowly becoming a less seasonal airport and not only being the busiest in the whole region in summer. Well done KL and Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous22:05

      Reality check: SPU just lost #3 spot to PRN.

    2. Anonymous22:25

      And? It was no. 1 in July and August.

    3. Anonymous23:42

      Not was, it still is and will remain for quite a while in July and August.

    4. Anonymous02:38

      There is no special award for Busiest Airport in February or any other month, year end is what counts. At the end of the year SPU used to be third in thhis region but already slipped to number 4 and is trending to be be number 5 (after SKP) by the end of the year. That's something to be be worried about if you care about SPU. Maybe you don't.

      Before Covid, in 2019, BEG was busier than SPU every single month of the year, so what? Relevant number is end of the year when it had 2.8M more than SPU so SPU has a lot of work ahead.

    5. Filter Coffee10:49

      "This just shows how SPU is slowly becoming a less seasonal airport..." says someone right after an announcement for a total of 7 return flights during the Christmas *season* :)

      On a more serious note, this is great news. Lovely to see SkyTeam expanding their presence in our region and as a regional jet enthusiast I actually love the KLM livery (minus the logo on the engines).

  5. Anonymous09:14

    "The service is primarily aimed at tourists."

    I think service is aimed at anyone who is willing to pay for the ticket. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure there will be more Croatian diaspora (UK/Ireland transfer) than tourists.


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