Ljubljana Airport to open covid testing facility


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport plans to open an onsite testing facility for the coronavirus in order to enable easier passenger flow between countries. “It is already clear that we will have to live with the virus in the future and that one of the conditions for travel will be a negative Covid-19 test”, Ljubljana Airport’s spokeswoman said. By introducing an onsite testing facility, passengers will be able to avoid quarantine orders in certain countries. The tests, which must be paid for, will be provided by the Ljubljana Public Health Institute. The laboratory will inform the passenger of the results within hours of taking the test. The facility should be ready soon 


  1. notLufthansa07:40

    so all 5 (five) weekly passengers will get through faster.....sigh

  2. Anonymous12:19

    You are so funny i cannot stop laughing. Bravo. Do you have another one?

    1. Anonymous12:50

      Did he say something which is not true? We will always make jokes about Fraport as they are joke as well


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