LOT to suspend Belgrade over covid flight ban


The Polish government will introduce a ban on flights to Serbia lasting until December 8 due to a rise in coronavirus infections in the country. As a result, LOT will operate its last service between Warsaw and Belgrade on November 27. Flights are currently scheduled to resume on December 14, although further changes remain possible. Other markets included in the ban are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia, Jordan, Armenia and the United States, excluding the states of Illinois and New York. LOT restored its operations to the Serbian capital on October 1 and has maintained four weekly rotations ever since.


  1. Anonymous10:32

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  2. Good news for Serbia. The numbers of cases in Poland are astronomically high! The Covid measures at the Warsaw airport were terrible.

    1. Anonymous11:46

      Were there any to begin with

    2. Anonymous11:49

      Actually no.

    3. Anonymous12:00

      This whole thing is becoming a major s***show

    4. Anonymous12:04

      totally, everybody is banning everybody

    5. Anonymous13:39

      Actually, Serbia is the 2nd country in Europe with most cases per capita in the past week :(

    6. Anonymous13:39

      No Covid measures at the airport? From where do you have such info?

      I was there ~1 month ago.

      1. Temperature measured when entering the airport
      2. Departures and Arrivals are separated. You can only enter Departures with a valid ticket. Arrivals you can only go out.
      3. Masks are obligatory of course, btw in Poland you need to wear masks all the time, inside and outside. Bars and restaurants are closed for already 1 month.
      4. gel and hand sprays available throughout the airport.

      so, how are those measures terrible? what else to do?

    7. Anonymous13:43

      I flew WRO-WAW the other day and we passed without anything and several people including airport cleaners had their masks down under their chin.

    8. Anonymous13:50

      sad to hear that, I guess standards fell down after some time :(

    9. Anonymous13:52

      Personally i travelled in multiple European airports last month. Transfered twice in WAW, nothing different compared to others

    10. Anonymous13:56

      That's because everyone is tired by now of all this. It has been going on for too long. People want their lives to go back to normal in stead of being always bombarded with plandemic updates.

    11. Anonymous19:25

      "and several people including airport cleaners had their masks down under their chin." wow, gross. It's shocking how anyone survived at the airport after this.

      At Vienna airport most workers had their masks down, I hugged few to show my support.

    12. Anonymous20:15

      Good, we need to be compassionate towards those who can no longer take it and who are suffering the most from the plandemic. Not only are they all the way down on the pyramid scheme in terms of salary but they are the only ones who absolutely need to respect the newly imposed rules.

  3. Anonymous12:09

    I think everyone should stop using the useless pcr test and go back to the way we were. Otherwise we are destined for a total colapse in society, economy and civil liberties

    1. I was looking at their website last night and the first flight from BEG is showing Dec 23, not the 14th.

    2. Anonymous12:59

      Look again. Pick the 14th and there are seats on sale.

  4. Anonymous13:21

    I believe in a better tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous17:27

    Most of them mentioned destinations or if not all are non-EU and generally with lower demand.

  6. Anonymous03:40

    LOT flight from BEG to WAW today (Nov 25) was cancelled.


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