Montenegro Airlines extends Ljubljana suspension


Montenegro Airlines has pushed back the resumption of its flights between Podgorica and Ljubljana. Services were initially to resume on November 27 but have now been delayed until December 18, with further changes possible. Once restored, flights are expected to operate four times per week.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Nice mild recovery Fraport!

    1. Anonymous10:54

      Yup hahaha

    2. Anonymous11:14

      Just goes to show, how out of touch Skobir and Krasnja are. What surprises me the most is Fraport doesn't seem to mind having incompetent management.

      Those two are making a fool of themselves by demanding subsidies. And some people are actually buying their stories.

    3. Anonymous11:49

      I think in the grand scheme of things Fraport doesn't mind the situation in LJU as it's tiny compared to the losses at FRA.

    4. Anonymous14:29

      Speaking of Fraport, it does seem that LJU, LIM and FRA itself are the worst hit airports.
      It does seem however, that the Greek and Russian airports were less affected. Clearly, the issue is not related to Fraport but rather the demise of JP, which has left and impact.

      The only thing left is to wait until March when the tender begins.

    5. Anonymous15:59

      JU should start flying 5 times per day to LJU just to establish itself as the ONLY airline permanently serving LJU. Maybe it will create additional costs (not so much when flying with ATRs IMHO) but branding yourself as stable assistance in this terrible times for LJU worth a lot

  2. Anonymous11:13



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