MTU inks contract with Air Serbia


Germany’s MTU Maintenance and Air Serbia have signed an exclusive V2500 engine maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) contract. The six-year agreement covers MRO, engine trend monitoring and spare engine services for Air Serbia’s v-powered A319 and A320 aircraft fleet. “We are delighted to have signed a contract with the world-renowned engine experts MTU Maintenance”, Air Serbia’s Director for Technical, Željko Pejović, said. He added, “We trust them to take excellent technical care of our engines and are convinced they will provide us with reliable, highly-individualised and cost-efficient services”. MTU Aero Engines’ Chief Program Officer, Michael Schreyogg, said, “We are specialised in customised solutions for aero engines and proud to have been selected by Air Serbia for offering the best all-round care package for their engines. We have exceptional understanding of the V2500 fleet and are concentrating on providing all our customers with the flexible and highly customised engine MRO services they need now more than ever. As such, we are committed to ensuring Air Serbia’s needs are cost-effectively met during this ever-changing environment”. MTU Maintenance is the number one service provider for V2500 engines worldwide, having carried out over a third of all shop visits on this engine type in 2019. Furthermore, it is the largest independent service provider for the V2500 and partners with over ninety customers worldwide. The V2500 engine is serviced at three MTU facilities in order to flexibly respond to global and regional demand. MTU is in the process of establishing a repair facility near Belgrade Airport which is set to open in 2022.


  1. Anonymous12:09

    Germans again.

  2. Anonymous12:19

    What were the alternatives?

  3. Anonymous13:00

    Is YU-APG being returned?

    1. Anonymous13:10

      It has already been returned

      Air Serbia is soon set to return an Airbus A320 jet (registered YU-APG) and one ATR72 (registered YU-ALV) to their owners as their lease with the company expires.

      JUNE 29, 2020

    2. Anonymous14:40

      Where did YU-APG go to?

    3. Anonymous15:01

      Its still in BEG

  4. Anonymous13:09

    where will they do this maintenance, in Jat technics? and if they got the job, what is Jat technics doing than?

    1. Anonymous14:42

      Who cares about Jat Tehnika, it is not owned by JU and is a part of some Czech company or something?

    2. Anonymous14:54

      for a time being in Germany, and then in Belgrade once MTU opens the facility

    3. EMarko14:50

      What amount of comments posted without any facts checked!

      First: Jat Tehnika cannot maintain V2500 on shop and heavy maintenance level.
      It cannot maintain even CFM56/5B. Jat Tehnika can maintain this engine on line maintanance level.

      Second: Leased aircrafts/engines must be return to lessor in condition defined by contract.
      Commercial acceptability of lease agreement very much depends of lease return conditions, green time, number and level of scheduled maintenance visits required during lease operations. Often, lessors are approving acceptable MRO for heavy maintenance.

      Third: MTU will not maintain engines as units here in Serbia facility. It will only repair specific parts of different engine types. It will be specialized repair center where different engine maintenance organizations, including MTU itself, will send disassembled parts for repair. This possibility will use Jat Tehnika as well. Facility in Serbia WILL NOT see assembled engine. It will not disassemble engines, will not assemble engines and will not test engines.

      Contract between Air Serbia and MTU will not involve MTU Serbia except if required for dedicated repairs on specific parts. In best case: AS ships engine in MTU Germany for heavy maintenance. MTU Germany disassembles engine, maybe some parts are sent to Serbia for repair, parts are shipped back to Germany, MTU Germany assemble engine, test it and return it to AS.

  5. Anonymous14:50

    It's really embarrassing not having the correct A320 entry steps in Jat Tehnina

  6. Jatovac16:02

    I did not know SkyUP is doing maintenance in Jat Tehnika. Look at the picture

  7. Dingbats17:29

    Oh the dingbat comments again. They can't figure out important stuff... This article about JU signing SIX YEAR agreement for V2500 answers questions about short and mid term fleet choices at JU; also answers if JU will move away in the next couple of years from A319/320 family to:

    -Airbus NEO family
    -Airbus 220 family

    The answer is firm NO, they don't use V2500 engines!

  8. Anonymous19:35

    What happened todo the Sukhoi maintenance, is it still there?

  9. Sad news for Ex Yu. There never used to be a need for foreign companies to handle the aircraft


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