PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport expansion advances


The expansion of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is continuing to progress on schedule. Since the last construction update, the airport has now begun work on the exterior of its expanded C concourse, with façade panels now being added, while construction of the airport’s solid waste treatment plant has also begun. Work on the foundations for the structure that will link jet bridges with the second and the new third floor of the terminal building at the A concourse departure gates is also advancing.

C concourse extension

A concourse work

Airport complex overview


  1. Anonymous10:57

    Can someone explain why is a parking lot in middle of nowhere? Who is going to use it?

    1. Anonymous11:02

      It's a remote long term car park. There was more information about it in the past which you could have looked up.

      It's completed. But they don't plan to open it until next year because there isn't that many passengers at the moment.

  2. Anonymous11:09

    So the A concourse will also get the separation of arriving and departing passengers? The expansion looks huge. Will BEG double in size once all of it is constructed?

    1. Anonymous11:11

      Yes and yes. When the new building is completed it will be about the size of current 2 terminals (remember there is another part to the new building which starts construction next September).

    2. Anonymous11:30

      Actually when this expansion is complete, in terms of m2 BEG will be larger than OTP and BUD. Only shows how much faith Vinci has in BEG and its potential.

    3. Anonymous13:27

      It will not be larger then BUD. You also forgot that BUD and OTP are going in expanisons to.

    4. Anonymous13:39

      BUD has expanded with the Sky Court and that's about it, they actually reduced their size because they closed T1.

    5. Anonymous13:39

      OTP planned expansion is really small, nothing major.

    6. Anonymous14:41

      Anon 11:11 If new building starts construction September 2021 when it will be ready and in function?

      It is unlikely it will be in function in just 8-9 months for the summer of 2022. First high season when building can be experienced by passengers seems to be summer of 2023.

      Good news: Covid19 will be over and passengers levels will be normal by then.
      Bad news: That's third summer from now.

    7. Anonymous16:16

      anon 11:30

      It has nothing to do with faith, but with the length of the consession period. There is no reason to invest at the end of this period, shortly before the concession expires, because as a concessionaire you will not manage to take adventage of such late investment. So what you invest at the outset must be enough for the whole concession period and you will have all the time needed to fully benefit from your investment.

    8. Anonymous17:17

      I think there is definitely faith in their project as they believe BEG can reach that potential. For example in ZAG they revised and downgraded the initial plane because they believed the airport wouldn't reach that far. All investors do a cost benefit analysis based on which they make their final decision.

    9. Anonymous17:26

      Budapest Sky Court has 28.000m2 while the BEG expansion is around 33.000 m2 if I am not wrong. Old terminal layound of the two airports BEG was still larger so after all this in terms of terminal size BEG will be ahead of Budapest which is spiffing in my opinion. Also doesn't help that BUD is on the verge of bankruptcy and that they asked for €50 million in aid.

    10. Anonymous17:54

      anon 17:17

      To be fair, whether you may/want to downgrade the project depends also on a couple of additional factors:

      a) how much you have committed to spend on investment in your concession agreement (and this correlates with the concession fee, ie investments that as a concessionaire you deem unnecessary will simply reduce the concession fee you are happy to pay - in other words economically they will be at the expense of the state giving the concession)

      b) how much of what you spend hits your other pocket (ie another company from the concessionaire group doing construction works getting the money you spend)

    11. Здрав разум18:10

      Vinci could ask for term extension due to Covid and get 5-10 more years to recoup the investment.

    12. Anonymous19:11

      If they could, they would surely ask for it. 5-10 years of concession for free would be certainly most welcome by them (or for that matter any concessionaire), covid or not.

    13. Anonymous19:16

      Still I am not sure it would be plain logic for Serbia to grant this free extension to Vinci, but if you say so...

    14. Anonymous20:03

      Vinci isn't going to ask for an extension because they know booming passenger numbers and record profits are coming.

    15. So why would that stop them for asking for an extenssion?

      It would mean more profits, using Covid as an excuse to get a few more years from the deal.

    16. Anonymous20:28

      Because there is no such option in the contract? I wouldn't be surpsied if Serbia got 0 concessionaire fee this year, but not sure why they would get extra years because of corona?

    17. Anonymous21:23

      Guys, Vinci is going ahead with the expansion despite everything. That's a fantastic sign.

    18. Anonymous21:33

      Anon 20:28 How do you know exactly what's in the contract? Show us where it says so.
      Anon 19:11, 19:16 Who said anything about free?
      Anon 21:23 Exactly! Once covid19 is done and people start travelling like before, BEG will be head and shoulders above the rest, not just within EXYU but anywhere between WAW in the north and ATH/IST in the south/southeast.

    19. Anonymous21:52

      forgot VIE in the west.

    20. Anonymous22:49

      BUD 16 mln pax, 135.521 tonnes cargo (2019).
      OTP 14 mln pax (2019), 39.534 tonnes cargo (2018).

      These seem to be much above the capacity of BEG after the terminal expansion (and even more above the current figures).

    21. Anonymous23:52

      We were talking about terminal area size in square meters. You are trying to mix apples and oranges, LOL.

    22. Anonymous00:19

      What about connectivity (pre covid times) from BUD, BEG, SOF, & OTP?

      Who offers the most destinations and transfers?

    23. Anonymous01:34

      Who gives a ****? Stop trying to change the topic.

    24. Anonymous01:36

      Size of the terminal per se does not matter that much.

      For example KRK (55.000m2, extension planned up to 80.000m2, 8,4 mln passengers), GDA (63.000m2, construction works in progress by another 16.000m2, 5,3 mln passengers) both have bigger size than BUD, but are meaningless compared to BUD.

    25. Anonymous01:39

      Comparing Belgrade with Budapest is like comparing an apple with a pear.
      Belgrade is projecting a 12 million pax growth in a couple of years and Budapest already achieved this number in 2016. It is the one of the most visited cities in Europe. Lots of expats, lots of business and universities and...a metro with 48 stations to begin with.

    26. Anonymous03:45

      How does number of Budapest subway stations compare to NYC subway? How does BUD passengers compare to ATL passengers? LOL.

      No one gives a f*** about BUD as it is not part of EXYU. You know it and you keep playing and id**t how is trying to change the topic in desperate hops BEG would somehow look smaller. Well it won't but you will keep losing fights every single night.

    27. Anonymous03:56

      You are a true poet Anon @ 03:45.

    28. Anonymous04:12

      Thank you. As opposed to someone else obsessed with Belgrade/Serbia topics and compulsions to write anything negative about Belgrade/Serbia aviation. OCD.

    29. Anonymous09:03

      Guys, let's not lose focus. This BEG expansion will finally move Belgrade from a small regional airport to the upper league. It will finally have the infrastructure to compete with much larger airports in the region like OTP, BUD or PRG.

      Tourist numbers have little to do with this discussion. How many tourists visit Doha each year and how many passengers does DOH have?

      Also Belgrade has a fantastic tourist potential and last year tourist arrivals grew by double digits. BEG is definitely on the right path and is developing in the right direction. That's what matters.

    30. Anonymous12:38

      BUD is also going to build brand new terminal 3 and they built new councorse last year.

    31. Anonymous12:58

      Budapest also closed an entire terminal after MA went bankrupt. Also airport requested 50 million in aid.

  3. Anonymous11:34

    What's being built on the end of the runway? Third picture from below.
    Also, it seems like the de-icing area will be huge.

  4. Anonymous12:21

    Тhis looks grand.

  5. What will be the total capacity of BEG when all the work is completed?

    1. Anonymous20:04

      12 million passengers.

    2. Thanks. That should be sufficient until about 2030. Taking into account Covid recovery time.

    3. Anonymous23:24

      Forget about any pre-Covid traffic recovery anytime soon. Many aviation experts are saying that this might take up to 4 years - around 2024.

    4. Anonymous23:49

      2024 on average. Some areas will recover faster, some slower. BEG grew faster than some other airports before Covid. New terminal will be ready in 2023. Belgrade is expected to recover growth earlier than 2024.

    5. Anonymous00:33

      Depends on how long Covid hangs around for, and to what degree. If it is all gone by late spring 2021, then we can expect 2019 levels by late 2022 or spring 2023. If Covid is here to stay, like the seasonal flu, and if many people refuse the vaccine, it's a different story my friends.

    6. Anonymous01:36

      if many people refuse the vaccine they won't be able to fly. See Qantas news. Others will follow.

    7. Anonymous01:50

      @23:49 what is your guarantee? Serbia depends heavily on the borders of other countries unless it establishes a domestic network similar to the Croatian one, that it obviously lacks, there is no other alternative. Boy, you obviously don't realise how serious the pandemic is. Many airports are becoming like temporary parkings with many empty planes parked and waiting for better times.
      Even if the vaccine proves to be efficient, it will take a long time to recover the confidence in flying and don't forget that the Americans decided to retrieve the Max, which on my opinion is the not the best moment to recover passenger confidence.
      Anyway, the airport traffic race competition will definitely no longer be viable until this sh*t situation passes.

    8. Anonymous02:14

      "it will take a long time to recover the confidence in flying"

      People are flying now, all over the place, not nearly in the numbers of last year, but still flying, middle seat and all.

      BEG as a regional hub, and JU as the main airline carrying those passengers has a better chance than other Balkan airports to rebound faster.


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