Swiss schedules Niš holiday flights


Swiss International Air Lines will restore flights between Zurich and Niš over the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. This service will be primarily aimed at travelers wishing to visit friends and relatives over the end-of-year period. Flights will be operated on December 19, December 27 and January 2 with a wet-leased Helvetic Airways Embaer E190-E2 jet, which has the capacity to seat 110 passengers. “As part of its ongoing endeavors to meet the demand for air travel despite the various travel restrictions that are currently in place, Swiss is to temporarily restore service between Zurich and Niš in Southern Serbia for the Christmas and New Year season”, the company said in a statement. Swiss operated scheduled flights to Niš between April 2017 and January 2020. The new flights are now available for booking.


  1. Anonymous15:02

    I am keen on believing JU will follow the suit...

  2. Anonymous15:05

    INI is "only" 58% down passenger-wise, heading toward 160.000 for 2020... Not bad at all, given the circumstances.

    1. Anonymous15:16

      The region was underserved.

  3. Wizz air ima iz Nisa za Bazel,zar nije to dovoljno...

  4. Still waiting on a refund $6500 for flight cancelled by Swiss Air in March


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