Tunisair to launch new Ljubljana flights


Tunisair will commence seasonal summer flights from the Tunisian coastal cities of Monastir and Djerba to Ljubljana next June. Flights from both will operate once per week with the 126-seat Boeing 737-600 aircraft. The Monastir service will run between June 2 and October 6, while the Djerba route will be in operation between June 7 and October 11. As a result, within the former Yugoslavia, Tunisair will serve Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade from Monastir next summer season, while the Slovenian capital will be exclusively linked to Djerba. Further flight details for the Monastir flights can be found here, with additional information for the Djerba service here.


  1. Anonymous15:30

    Finally something tropical and distant to LJU. Well done!

  2. Anonymous17:43

    Finally some good news. Great destinations.

  3. Anonymous17:51

    any idea on the price yet?

    1. Anonymous18:29

      Nothing on their website yet. Most likely fares are not yet uploaded.

    2. Anonymous19:21

      I doubt these flights will be in free sale. It will be offered through tour operators

  4. Nothing new, Tunisair used to fly from Monastir and Djerba in previous years, the only thing that changes is that flights will not be charter flights but seasonal summer flights. Maybe because they want to get subsidies from Slovenia and I think you cant get subsidies as a charter?


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