Air Serbia to run wide-body Moscow charters


Air Serbia plans to deploy its 254-seat Airbus A330-200 wide-body aircraft on two charter flights to Moscow this month. The flights are being organised to transport workers between the two countries. They will operate on December 22 and December 29. It comes as Aeroflot has scheduled its A330-300 jet on one of its two weekly flights to Belgrade over the coming one-month period. Scheduled services between Serbia and Russia are currently limited to two weekly flights by each national carrier, exclusively between Belgrade and Moscow. Serbian citizens can enter Russia using the nonstop flights with a negative PCR test, while Russian nationals can enter Serbia without restrictions.


  1. Anonymous10:59

    Finally they are using the A330 for something other than New York.

    1. Anonymous11:58

      Truth be told ARA did fly a lot of non-JFK flights this year.

  2. Anonymous11:58

    This is fantastic news, great to see BEG get some more love from passengers.

  3. Logical movement after Aeroflot A330 had employed flights to Belgrade. Hope that ugly Kermit will not make additional problem such are isolation or other corona terror action.


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