Belgrade Airport launches counter drone system


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has deployed nine security scanners and a counter drone system from Rohde & Schwarz to maintain air traffic security. Commercially available drones pose severe risks to aircraft and their sightings have even caused flight suspensions. In order to prevent such situations, Belgrade Airport has procured and put into operation a counter drone system from Rohde & Schwarz that can detect drones even before they take off, classify the device type and notify when a drone’s remote control has been switched on. The sensor system can also capture the uplink for tracking down the drone pilot while their aerial device is still on the ground, thereby enabling security personnel to find the drone pilot and initiate electronic countermeasures. In addition, the uplink signal can also be disrupted, causing the drone to switch to failsafe mode. Under Serbian law, drones are prohibited from flying within a five kilometre radius around the airport unless given prior consent by the country's Civil Aviation Directorate.