Estonia seeks Croatia flights


The Chairman of Tallinn Airport, Riivo Tuvike, has said leisure flights to Croatia would prove popular from Estonia but that none are currently planned for next year. “Croatia is a destination that Estonians love but there are currently no flights scheduled for summer 2021. Network planners in airlines, this is your opportunity! Technologically savvy Estonians are waiting for you”, Mr Tuvike said at the week-long virtual Routes Reconnected summit, which provides opportunities for the global route development community to meet, negotiate and navigate new partnerships. Croatia Airlines, Dubrovnik Airport and Pula Airport are among the Croatian attendees.


  1. Anonymous11:53

    Usually, Split and Rijeka had connection to Tallinn with Estonian Air and Nordica. But since Nordica stopped commercial operations, these flights were cannceled. Its weird that this time attendees are not SPU and RJK, but DBV and PUY. Just to add, SPU-TLL was operated 3 pw in 2019., while RJK was 1 pw with CRJ900. Additional in ex yu, there were flights to OHD, 1 pw with CRJ900.

    1. Anonymous11:56

      They were just attendees, not negotiators with Estonians.

    2. Anonymous13:28

      I see this as an opportunity for Croatia airlines...

    3. LOL. OU and opportunity taken in the same sentence? LOL again

    4. OU takes every opportunity to take free money from tax payers. Here it is a phrase with OU and opportunity in the same sentence that makes sense.

    5. Anonymous19:09

      Pozdrav iz rijeke
      Why wouldnt they use an opportunity for this? If they are able to do sport charters and incresese small amount of frequencies during the winter holidays, they can do this also.


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