Former Adria jet enters into service for Air Serbia


The first of two former Adria Airways Airbus A319 aircraft, which have now been leased by Air Serbia, has entered into commercial service for the airline, months after it took delivery of the jet. The aircraft, now registered YU-APM, and previously operating as S5-AAR for Adria, was deployed on a flight between Belgrade and Zurich yesterday evening. The aircraft was delivered new to Adria in 2010. The other former Adria jet, now registered YU-APL (ex S5-AAP), is yet to be put into commercial use. The two aircraft (pictured above) were originally to be delivered to Air Serbia in March, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic they arrived in Belgrade only in October.


  1. Anonymous15:55

    why are they printed with an austrian flag?

    1. Anonymous15:57

      Because the leasing company is Austrian. This was when the planes arrived in October. They now have a Serbian registratiom and flag.

    2. Miloš21:04

      The lessor is actually an Irish company.

  2. Anonymous21:08

    Thanks for the info.


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