Ljubljana Airport opens coronavirus testing site


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has opened a Covid-19 PCR testing site to all passengers and the general public. The price of the test amounts to 110 euros, while results are delivered within four six hours in both Slovenian and English. The airport operator Fraport Slovenija has inked an agreement with a private service provider in Ljubljana, the Zdravje Institute of Health, to perform the tests, while laboratory diagnostics will be carried out by the Respiratory Microbiology Laboratory at the Golnik Hospital for Pulmonary and Allergic Diseases. An appointment for the test must be made in advance. Commenting on the new service, the operator’s General Manager, Zmago Skobir, said, “The epidemic has had a strong effect on the aviation industry all over the world. The direct and collateral damage incurred is immeasurable. We see the possibility of testing immediately upon arrival at the airport or just prior to boarding the plane as an opportunity that could reverse the current uncertainty and trend of resistance towards travel. Setting up this test site at our airport gives us hope that air traffic will recover more quickly and that the public will trust that flying is still a safe and reliable means of transportation”.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Bravo Fraport!

    1. Anonymous11:30

      Bravo? Yeah sure

  2. Anonymous10:56

    For who did they open that?

    I'm always afraid of good news published by Fraport's PR because every and each time we receive negative news after that. So it's seems new cancelations/suspensions are ready to hit us...

  3. Anonymous11:10

    There are almost no flights at LJU, so why not utilize the facility for something useful? Very clever decision, I congratulate Fraport for this innovative solution.

    1. Anonymous12:12

      They should focus to improve flights...

  4. Anonymous11:30

    Will we get also corona passport? XD

  5. Anonymous12:38

    10 Euro cheaper than in VIE

    1. Anonymous13:16

      In Bulgaria, last month, various locations,but not at the airport, cost of a PCR test was 55 EU -same day results- (private service provider).

      In Istanbul airport now the price is 300 TL (around 32 Euro).

    2. Anonymous13:30

      Ne tako davno.

      Vlada Slovenije proglasila je kasno sinoć (14. maj) zvanično kraj epidemije korona virusa i postala prva zemlja u Evropi koja je to učinila, nakon što su vlasti registrovale manje od sedam novih slučajeva zaraze dnevno u posljednje dvije sedmice.

      Ti testovi ionako nisu pouzdani.


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