PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport expansion gains pace


The expansion of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is continuing to progress on schedule. Since the previous construction update last month, work on the exterior of its expanded C concourse is advancing, while construction of the airport’s new control tower is also progressing. Work on the structures that will link jet bridges with the second and the new third floor of the terminal building at the A concourse departure gates is also on schedule, while a temporary upgrade of the airport’s facilities inside the existing terminal building have been completed. The apron E development, located across from the cargo terminal, is nearing completion. This extension allows for the upgrade and optimisation of aircraft handling capacities at remote stands, the handling of three aircraft with a wingspan of up to 36 metres, an internal road, as well as ground handling equipment areas. The apron will have its own lighting system and retention for drainage. 

Emmanuel Menanteau, operator VINCI’s Area Director for Northern and Eastern Europe and South-East Asia, has said all construction work should be completed by 2023. Commenting last week following talks with Serbia's Minister for Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Mr Mennteau said, “There are a lot of tourists visiting Serbia but also growing business travel. I believe Serbia is the tourist destination of the future which we want to help develop and expand its market through the introduction of new routes”.

C concourse expansion

Apron E

A concourse

Control tower

Temporary terminal upgrades


  1. Anonymous14:25

    Hopefully after covid we get Nordwind, Red Wings, Aeroflot A333 and JU flights to LED, SVO, KRR and ROV.

  2. Anonymous18:50

    First picture looks like the new design iteration for the new terminal building entrance. Instead of earlier plain white/dark glass façade, this new argyle pattern seems more fitting for some Scottish Highlands airport than Belgrade Nikola Tesla.

    1. Anonymous19:03

      Really, more fitting for Scotland than Serbia? No green pastures, woodlands, highlands in Serbia?

  3. Anonymous18:54

    LCC prevoznici će se raširiti u BEG kada AS nabavi još 1-2 A330 i uspostavi letove ka Torontu,Čikagu,Pekingu... Kada naprave čvorište u BEG i ne budu toliko zavisili od P2P putnika,LCC će dobiti povoljnije uslove.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX20:01

    Good to see how well BEG is advancing. I hope that BEG na vodi, will also advance further and that one day it can be the leading centre of the ex YU region again, where there is no unhealthy competition but inspiration for the rest of the region. Long way to go but at least there is a target. Time to visit again. My last trip to BEG dates already 30 years back....

    1. Anonymous20:13

      Outside of Belgrade Waterfront there are currently three skyscrapers being built, Usce 2 is completed and right now two 100m towers are being built between Hyatt Hotel and Banca Intesa, one tower will become Intercontinental Hotel.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX09:06

      Thanks for the info. In terms of hotels BEG has a nice infrastructure

  5. Anonymous14:36

    Nothing special! To be honest I didn´t expect anything ´fab´ from french! We could done this on our own..

    1. Anonymous14:39

      And yet you didn't. You didn't build the terminal expansion, you didn't build a third floor, you didn't invest in renewable energy, you didn't build an inserted runway, yiu didn't build a new car park, yiu didn't build new aprons, you didn't build rapid exit taxiways. You had 58 years.


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