PHOTOS: Windrose touches down in Skopje


Ukrainian carrier Windrose Airlines launched flights between Kiev and Skopje yesterday, connecting the two cities with a nonstop air service for the first time. The flights will run twice per week with the 49-seat Embraer E145 jet, operated under the Dniproavia brand which has been merged into Windrose. The inaugural flight from the Ukrainian capital was full. Commenting on the launch, the General Manager of operator TAV Macedonia, Metin Batak, said, “As TAV, we are very happy and proud that we’ve welcomed the first Windrose flight from Kiev at Skopje International Airport, celebrating the launch of this new scheduled route, which is not just the first positive step towards the recovery of Macedonian air traffic amid the Covid-19 pandemic, but also a historic milestone for Macedonian aviation, since Macedonia and Ukraine are connected by air for the first time. The entrance of Windrose Airlines onto the Macedonian market is also extremely important in these difficult times for aviation, since it shows how the crisis shifted route networks and airline expansion plans. We hope that travellers from both Macedonia and neighbouring countries will find Kiev attractive as a new destination and will seize the opportunity to visit this beautiful city”. Windrose Airlines' CEO, Volodymyr Kamenchuk, noted, “Windrose Airlines hopes that the launch of this new service will help strengthen tourism and business tiies between the two countries. We also believe that, despite the ongoing difficulties due to the pandemic, tourists will be interested in this brand new destination. So, we wish all of us success in this challenge. We are sincerely grateful for all the support from the North Macedonian side, air transport authorities, Skopje Airport and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of North Macedonia”.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    Interesting and intelligent airline, they seem to be focused on domestic Ukraine and the Balkans only. They know the competitors are focusing on Western Europe. Interestingly, they dropped OTP which is a big surprise given the size of the Romanian market.

    1. Anonymous10:50


    2. Anonymous10:52

      Probably has something to do with entry restrictions in Romania

    3. Observer10:55

      Interesting, yes. Intelligent, it remains to be seen.

      There may be good reasons 'the competitors are focusing on Western Europe.' Time will tell.

    4. Anonymous11:00

      I remember that OTP was dropped before Covid. What I also like about them is their logo, marketing and the niche market they've chosen. I think they might include more Croatian cities and maybe SJJ, TIA...
      Their ATR addition is quite nice.

    5. Anonymous11:22

      Bucharest has really weak demand to certain markets that seem to do well from ex YU. These are Moscow, Stockholm, Ukraine...among others.

    6. Anonymous13:32

      In Croatia they only dont fly to ZAD, RJK, BWK and OSI.

    7. Anonymous14:01

      OTP does not fit into any of the patterns of lcc flying from Ukraine: neither a tourist route (Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro + citybreaks) nor a gastarbeiter route (Germany, Poland, Czechia).

    8. Anonymous14:40

      It's interesting why they fly 6 weekly to SOF and also wonder if ZAG will become daily in summer...

  2. Anonymous10:47


  3. Anonymous10:52

    Good to hear the flight was full.

  4. Anonymous11:19

    What about the return flight? The one from TGD was packed.

  5. Anonymous16:58

    Bravo Makedonia! We are proud of you!
    Greetings from Sofia


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