Skopje Airport to handle 700.000 passengers


Skopje Airport is expected to handle just over 700.000 passengers in the pandemic-hit 2020 after welcoming 44.001 travellers in November, representing a decrease of 74.2% on the same month last year. During the January - November period, Skopje Airport welcomed 663.635, down 69.6%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN164.091 7.7
FEB147.717 7.3
MAR71.627 56.5
APR1.853▼ 98.9
MAY923 99.5
JUN49 99.6
JUL57.419 76.3
AUG67.122 74.6
SEP54.816 76.5
OCT54.017 74.7
NOV44.001 74.2


  1. Anonymous10:34

    So PRN, SKP and ZAG will be super close.

    1. Gold-Silver-Bronze11:52

      It would help if you defined super close for us.

      Both ZAG and PRN had over 700k in Q1-Q3 period, so in my books that is not really close. But it's an unprecedented year, so we should not look too much into this year's results. Bring on 2021!

  2. Anonymous10:44

    Look at April, May, shut down...They will, hopefully, reach 1 million in 2021...

    1. Anonymous11:02

      Many airlines will not fly until March and W6 ditching SZG. I really doubt it.

  3. Anonymous11:53

    730.000 more likely

  4. Anonymous11:55

    means SKP officially is ahead of SPU for this year

  5. Anonymous12:18

    44.001 wow thats more then ZAG in November despite having 3x less flights (1556 vs 558)

  6. Anonymous12:38

    Well, numbers are kind back to normal, before Wizz, so not big of a deal ����✈

  7. We need to start looking for a silver lining in this year of upheavals and I am beginning to see one. It appears that the air passenger traffic is stabilising at ~25% of the 2019 traffic. Furthermore, from April 2021 we can expect that red down arrow to turn to green up arrow. And by the summer holiday season we may begin to see a uptake in international travel and holidaymakers flying again keeping that arrow up and green.

    I hope this is not just end of year optimism talking.

    Happy holidays!

    1. @admin

      And, forgot to ask, what is the correct number of passengers for November 2020: 44,001 or 67,122?

    2. @admin

      And, and, is the decrease in traffic 74.2% or 74.6%?

    3. Anonymous13:00

      nice to see you back neighbour ;)

    4. The pleasure is mine. It was too depressing... for the first time in years I have did not visit this site in months and months.

      The admin (or the team) is something else though. The discrepancy in figures were address in a matter of seconds.

  8. Anonymous13:03

    for a country which citizens arent allow to travel in the EU for some 9 months now this is a respectable result

    1. Indeed. And that TK B739 looks pretty good if you ask me.


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