SmartLynx terminates Pristina contract


Latvian charter carrier SmartLynx Airlines has terminated its contract with tour operator Prishtina Jet, which was to see it base an aircraft in Kosovo. In a statement, the airline said, “We would like to bring to the attention of the general public in Kosovo, and those planning to travel to and from this region, to the fact that SmartLynx Airlines is no longer a service provider for Prishtina Jet. The SmartLynx Airlines and Prishtina Jet agreement was signed on May 20, 2020. In total, fifteen flights were performed for what was planned to be a year-long contract. The agreement was terminated on December 11, 2020”. It added, “SmartLynx Airlines’ name and logo are still available on Pristina Jet’s webpage for advertising and selling flights that will not be provided by our company. To mitigate the risk of financial hardship to passengers by being wrongfully informed that these flights will take place, SmartLynx Airlines has decided to take a preventative measure and inform the general public”. The tour operator previously noted the carrier would base two A320s in Pristina and launch operations to Basel and Dusseldorf, in addition to Stuttgart and Munich. The new base would have resulted in 33 new jobs, which was to grow to sixty over time.


  1. Anonymous00:15

    Perhaps, a little off-topic.. number of passengers in PRN in period 01/01/2020 - 31/10/2020 was 906.024. Source:

    1. Anonymous10:52

      its impossible that they had 175.000 passengers in October . must be end of Nov.

    2. Anonymous12:47

      In the article says that PRN in October had (77.772 in + 78.144 out)
      155.916 passengers. Use google translate and read the article.

    3. Anonymous13:14

      TOTAL RUBBISH. They had last year 156.651 passengers for Nov there is no way they have come any close to it.

      also they had 725.024 until Sept. which means they had actually 181.000 in November which is more then senseless

      these numbers are as messy as their corona numbers

    4. Anonymous13:16


    5. Anonymous13:52


  2. Anonymous01:52

    Which airlines are do have a base at PRN airport?


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