Wizz Air launches new charter service


Wizz Air has announced it is launching a new domestic and international charter service in the markets it currently serves. The service will be available for corporate travel, incentive travel, multi-stop tours and repatriation flights. Those organising the charters will be able to fully customise the service on board the Wizz aircraft. According to the airline, the company’s charter service offers maximum flexibility for organisations wishing to transport groups of up to 239 passengers with the ability to select the service, route and time. Wizz Air’s Chief Commercial Officer, George Michalopoulos, said, “We are thrilled to further develop our charter flight service, offering organisations an fully customisible, efficient and flexible travel experience”. The low cost airline serves all markets in the former Yugoslavia.


  1. Anonymous16:52

    Interesting to see something like this from Wizz!

  2. Anonymous18:17

    A good way to employ the excess capacity that will exist in 2021 in a secure way that brings fresh cash, such as charter flights

  3. Anonymous19:10

    The future is charter! BRAVO WIZZ! Very smart carrier.

    1. Anonymous20:02

      Future is charter? Are you just joking?

    2. Anonymous20:47

      No, I am not. There will not be demand for scheduled travel as before. It will take ages to recover from this. Wizzair can start charters for Euro 2021 for example.
      Cargo airlines now are making a lot of money transporting medical stuff all the time.

    3. Anonymous16:20

      The future for hopefully only the next six months!

  4. Anonymous20:03

    All other carriers in the region already offered charter flights.

  5. Anonymous09:28

    Does anyone know how much a A320 (180 seats) costs for 2x 1.5h flight (returning next day), starting and landing at smaller airports, like Nis and Basel?

  6. Anonymous15:01

    I would also really like to know the price of a charter. 1.5h flight from Belgium and return after 10 days to Belgium.


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