Zagreb Airport sees slowest month since May


Zagreb Airport welcomed 42.715 passengers in November as the epidemiological situation both at home and abroad deteriorated during the month and many countries introduced new lockdowns and travel restrictions. The figure represents a decrease of 82.7% compared to last year. The number of aircraft movements declined 53.5% to 1.556. The airport is now unlikely to reach a million passengers this year, with 883.325 travellers handled during the January - November period, down 72.4%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN203.035 6.2
FEB184.236 1.7
MAR97.063 58.3
APR5.018 98.2
MAY13.881 95.5
JUN44.402 86.8
JUL78.070 78.7
AUG93.553 75.1
SEP65.963 81.2
OCT55.289 83.3
NOV42.715 82.7


  1. Anonymous12:37

    You know it's bad when even OU reduced FRA to just 13 weekly on the Q400. I am talking about their January schedule, don't know before.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      I have read somewhere that it is 11 weekly at this moment

    2. Anonymous13:33

      Imagine without Croatian Airlines- there would be drop more than 90%. Welcome to reality.

    3. Anonymous13:34

      LJU says hello.

  2. Anonymous13:13

    I don't like this

  3. Anonymous13:32

    the 3th now to 4th busiest in ExYu in Nov

  4. So definitely not 1 million passengers. About 940.000 my prediction,maybe a little less. It's so sad not only for ZAG but also for all EX-YU airports.

  5. Anonymous00:42

    Brutal numbers.


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