Air Serbia boosts Zurich operations


Air Serbia will increase the number of weekly flights to Zurich starting February 2, as Switzerland eased some of its entry restrictions on January 21, which has increased demand. The Serbian carrier will boost its Belgrade - Zurich service by introducing additional flights and upgrading capacity. The plan for the coming period is to run up to seven weekly flights between the two cities, with the Airbus A320 to operate on select days, while the remainder will be performed by the A319. “We are pleased that the conditions allow us to again bolster one of our most important destinations. We are carefully monitoring all changes in demand and travel restrictions, and we are adapting the volume of traffic to allow for the best possible connectivity between Switzerland and Serbia, and the broader region”, the carrier’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said. Zurich has been one of Air Serbia’s best performing routes alongside New York since the airline restored commercial operations last May. During October, the national carrier’s frequencies to Switzerland’s largest city outstripped pre-pandemic levels, performing up to 22 flights a week, or four flights a day on Saturdays and Sundays.


  1. Anonymous10:30

    They are really on a roll.

  2. Anonymous10:31

    Good for JU. I am sure they will keep on rebuilding this market now that there aren't as many restrictions.

    Anyone know what will LX do? How many flights do they have now?

  3. Anonymous10:46

    Nice to BEG slowly recover.

  4. Anonymous12:02

    Love it.

  5. Anonymous12:25

    Air Serbia is slowly but surely returning to previous traffic volume

  6. Anonymous12:57

    Well done Air Serbia.

  7. Anonymous12:57

    Bravo JU!


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