Croatia Airlines suspends Sarajevo service


Croatia Airlines has temporarily suspended flights between Zagreb and Sarajevo. Services are tentatively scheduled to resume on March 1, however, further changes remain likely. As a result, Sarajevo is currently served by Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Flydubai, Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines. In the last normal year of operations, in 2019, a total of 65.710 passengers flew between Zagreb and Sarajevo.


  1. Anonymous15:11

    SJJ has more airlines than LJU.

  2. Anonymous15:51

    How many passengers flew between Beograd and Sarajevo, and the other cities in 2019?

  3. Anonymous16:32

    Wow this is bad, i mean there is so much O&D that really makes you think

  4. Anonymous20:04

    Maybe the next one is Skopje.

  5. Anonymous21:37

    Can people with croatian passport who live in BiH currently enter without quarantine?

    1. Anonymous23:58

      According to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
      yes (but rules are changing al lthe time)
      see below

      Without presenting a negative PCR test for SARS-COV-2 virus, the following may enter Bosnia and Herzegovina:

      citizens of Montenegro, the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia, when they enter Bosnia and Herzegovina directly from the country of which they are citizens, as well as their minor children and spouses who are citizens of other countries,

  6. Anonymous08:41

    Good news for JU!


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