easyJet delays Ljubljana return


easyJet has once again pushed back the resumption of its flights to Ljubljana. The budget carrier, which was to restore operations from London Gatwick to the Slovenian capital next month, has now delayed the service resumption until March 5. Its new route from London Luton to Ljubljana is still scheduled to launch on March 28. At this point, easyJet is expected to become Ljubljana’s largest carrier by seat capacity in 2021.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Sadly even March is a bit optimistic since both UK and Slovenia currently have record number of COVID cases. But I still sincerely hope that it will be possible to resume flights before summer.

  2. Anonymous10:44

    1 down (U2), 1 more to go (AF).

  3. Anonymous11:15

    I was trying to book a flight to LHR with BA in June 2021 from LJU and I saw there are 5 weekly fligts? Is this for real? Does anyone know anything? The prices are reasonable.

    1. They put them on sale and then they cancel them and offer to rebook you.

    2. Anonymous11:28

      Yes, BA has been flying to Ljubljana since 2019. They didn't operate last year because of covid. We will see what happens this summer.

    3. Anonymous14:04

      They flew for few weeks with 2 weekly flights. So in total there wasn't more than 10 flights.

    4. Anonymous14:12

      This schedule is a copy of their planned 2020 summer ops that never happened.

    5. Anonymous07:47

      Hate BA, nasty airline.

  4. Anonymous02:05

    credibility of Skubirs statements ?


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