easyJet suspends Belgrade flights


Low cost carrier easyJet has temporarily suspended flights to Belgrade after operating services over the Christmas and New Year holidays. The airline plans to restore its flights from Basel and Geneva on March 5, while services from Berlin will be resumed on March 28. As a result, in the former Yugoslavia, easyJet currently maintains services only to Pristina, with flights from Basel, Geneva and Berlin.


  1. Anonymous14:26

    I just don't see them coming back

    1. Anonymous14:56

      No real bid deal if they don't come back, good for JU that covers already Switzerland quite well and flies to Berlin.

    2. Anonymous16:15

      loving these expert opinions like @14.26

      seen it today already

    3. Anonymous18:39

      Same in Sofia. All routes will resume on March. Depends on the current corona situation.

    4. Anonymous06:15

      Serbia started mass vaccination yesterday. I think 13.000 people were vaccinated, another 30.000 today. All with the Chinese vaccine. Russian should be arriving soon. Only Serbia and Albania have started vaccination process in the Balkans. I expect those two markets to start recovering first.

    5. Anonymous09:00

      That's very true, Wizz just had a major round of cuts in Europe for the summer and TIA only lost PRG, BUD, HER & RHO.

  2. Anonymous17:23

    They will surely return


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