EX-YU Aviation among top 50 aviation blogs

EX-YU Aviation News has been selected as one of the top thirty most influential aviation blogs and websites for aviation professionals in 2020 by Feedspot, which compiles the most comprehensive list of the best aviation blogs on the Internet each year. The list is compiled based on search and social metrics such as Google search rank, social media visibility, quality and consistency and a review by the website's editorial team. EX-YU Aviation News ranked 21st, with One Mile at a Time taking top spot. The list also features popular sites including The Points Guy, Airline Reporter, FlightRadar24 Blog, Routes Online, Secret Flying, Flyertalk and SamChui.com. It also boasts official airline blogs including the Alaska Airlines Blog, Meanwhile at KLM, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia, to name a few. It marks the fifth consecutive year EX-YU Aviation News has been featured on the list and is the only website from the region to be included. EX-YU Aviation News went online on June 1, 2008 and has been updated on a daily basis ever since. The number of visitors has increased each year, with the number of unique visitors growing 59.9% in 2020 compared to 2019, while the number of pageviews increased to over 6.6 million.


  1. Much of luck to Ex - YU aviation in New 2021. Year.
    In hope to rise comercial aviation and airports.
    And Ex - YU Aviation blog to achieve highest
    Importance and respect in Europe.
    Also be nice to modify title, name.
    This Blog deserve progressive title. Not "EX YU".
    Best wishes.
    Rodney Marinkovic

    1. JU520 BEGLAX13:20

      In terms of vintage photos it is the Nr. 1 of the world. This collection of photos reminds us every week of the great history of ex YU aviation, especially in the 1970s and 1980s.
      Thank you for a fantastic blog and thank you for all the work to enable us this museum, place of exchange and source of valuable information.

    2. @ Rodney Marinkovic
      It is not for you to suggest a new name for this blog. It is insulting to the blog owner who does a incredible job providing daily aviation information for us ex-yugos, and others to enjoy and discuss. You are free to start your own blog and name it as you please.
      I for one start my day with checking what the topic will be. Keep up the great work and my compliments on the high level of quality, with often breaking news, and the in-depth coverage of other news. My best wishes to all for an aviation recovery in 2021.

    3. Anonymous00:22


  2. Anonymous11:09

    Congratulations first and I can say deservedly so. I like your writing style, where you try to be objective, without the influence of passion, and at the same time to send a message. If I may suggest o I like the way Sam Chui does it, so maybe you could do something like that. For example, a video report that would accompany that great text about the Boeing 737 or from the first flight to a new destination or something like that. Happy new year

  3. What impresses me the most is the style of your writing which is on par with the best of the (including native speakers). Congrats and keep up the good work.


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