Flydubai further expands Belgrade operations


Flydubai will be introducing daily flights between its hub and Belgrade starting February 22 and is considering adding a second daily rotation on select days during the 2021 summer season. The carrier, which currently maintains five weekly flights between Dubai and the Serbian capital will first increase operations to six weekly from February 16 and daily the following week. It comes as a result of strong demand for travel from Serbia to the Emirate. In addition to point to point traffic, the Emirati airline has also seen considerable transfer traffic on its Belgrade flights, mostly to Zanzibar and the Maldives as Serbian tour operators look for markets with fewer entry restrictions and requirements. Serbian nationals wishing to travel to Dubai require only a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours prior to their flight to be eligible to enter the Emirate. Most tour operators now cover the cost of the test.


  1. Anonymous10:55

    Good thing is that QR is back in Dubai from next week. They were a popular choice.

    1. Anonymous10:58

      QR's fares almost match Flydubai’s to Dubai from Belgrade now.

    2. Anonymous10:59

      Yes but with Qatar you get into Dubai at 3AM while with Flydubai you arrive at 9PM.

    3. Anonymous11:23

      FZ lowered their fares probably.

      I guess demand must be crazy if they are going daily in the slowest period of the year....on top of the raging pandemic

  2. Anonymous10:58

    Excellent news. Glad some airlines are doing well in this climate on the market. My friend travelled from Belgrade to Dubai earlier this month and said the flight was packed to the last seat.

  3. Anonymous10:58

    Not surprised. Not a lot of entry restrictions. Also I’m constantly being bombarded by tour agency ads on Facebook and Instagram for Dubai, Zanzibar and Maldives.

  4. Anonymous10:59

    My guess is they will go up to 10 weekly during summer. Their biggest advantage against Qatar Airways is that they have P2P traffic.

  5. Anonymous12:14

    Interestingly, W6 are starting temporary flights to DXB next month after ditching DWC. It would be interesting to see them launch BEG and compete with FZ.

  6. Anonymous12:58

    JU should start Dubai.

  7. Anonymous14:19

    Their OTP flights leave around 22 so I guess Belgrade ones would be at 21. You would be in Dubai between 5 and 6.

  8. Anonymous09:38

    Its high time for Emirates to step in.


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