Ljubljana - Tel Aviv flights to be restored


El Al Israel Airlines will resume flights between Tel Aviv and Ljubljana under its leisure brand Sun d’Or. Services will commence on May 12 and operate once per week, each Wednesday, until September 1, and will then resume from September 22 until October 27. Operations will be maintained with the 189-seat Boeing 737-800 jet. Flights between Tel Aviv and Ljubljana were last operated in October 2019. Israel expects to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic as early as next month, according to officials. The country has already vaccinated 12% of its population against the virus, with a further million to get the shot by the end of the month. Israel currently has the highest vaccination rate against the coronavirus in the world, raising hopes its citizens could travel normally this summer. Tickets for the Tel Aviv - Ljubljana flights can now be purchased online through Sun d’Or’s website.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    as always I'm afraid of good news published by Fraport, we all know what follows after that.. :/

  2. great news, what do you think, which connections shoulf LJU/Slovenia have?


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