Montenegro Airlines loses European slots


The grounded Montenegro Airlines has lost its slots in Vienna and faces a similar fate at several other European airports. Due to inactivity, Vienna Airport cancelled Montenegro Airlines’ slots for the remainder of the winter season on January 15 and has given a deadline for the submission of possible operations for the 2021 summer season until January 31. The carrier has been grounded since December 25, 2020. The Montenegrin government has indicated a decision would be made by February concerning the possible resumption of limited flights by the former flag carrier until a new one becomes operational.


  1. Anonymous10:36

    It's a non issue, even though the recommendation given to the authorities is currently to freeze the slot usage rule to allow airlines to operate at reduced capacity at the moment, there will still be plenty of slots available at the airports where they fly.
    Even VIE which was constrained before the pandemic will now have at least one pair of slots for newYM, same in Paris

  2. Anonymous11:17

    I guess this is game over for them. Bye bye

    1. Anonymous12:05

      Anon 11:17

    2. Anonymous12:08

      They can't afford the deposit for new slots nor the insurance. This is the end.

    3. Anonymous12:32

      What deposit for new slots, it's free at almost all airports and certainly at the ones they flew or intend to fly next

  3. Anonymous19:35

    One more difficulty for a new Montenegro Airline to deal with. There are so many expenses to run an airline, and no guaranteed income, other than occasional government subsidies.

    Give subventions to LCC to run new routes. Give them extra incentives to fly routes that MNE gov deems very important. Gradually remove those subsidies and incentives over the next 2-3 years as these route mature. And dats dat.


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