Nordwind Airlines schedules Belgrade service


Nordwind Airlines has received approval from the Russian government to launch flights between Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and Belgrade starting January 24. As previously reported, flights will operate once per week, each Sunday, with the 168-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Tickets for the new service are now available for purchase via the airline’s website. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Now all we need is WZ to come back.

  2. Anonymous11:13

    Dayum... Belgrade is on fire. Two new airlines within a month.

  3. Anonymous15:09

    Will JU/SU ne allowed to have more flights?

  4. Anonymous17:19

    Looking at the fares on the website seems their flights are getting quite full. Cheapest flight from SVO to BEG is 17.000 Rubles while most flights to Moscow are 8.000 or so.


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