PCR testing site opened at Pristina Airport


Arriving and departing passengers at Pristina Airport will now be able to undertake a coronavirus PCR test. As of January 12, a testing site has been opened at Pristina Airport’s old terminal building. The RT-PCR tests cost 35 euros with results made available within two hours of the sample being taken. Pristina Airport becomes the second in the former Yugoslavia to make the service available, following Ljubljana.


  1. Anonymous14:11

    This is convenient. And it's not expensive.

  2. Anonymous14:17

    the numbers might fall drastically after this

  3. Anonymous14:34

    Wow it's really convenient!
    At Ljubljana airport waiting time is 4 - 6 hours and the price is 110 eu.
    Can't get why such price difference for the same kind of test.

  4. Anonymous16:40

    In the meantime Serbia charges almost 200$ to foreigners and no testing site available at the airport.


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