Pristina Airport handles over million passengers in 2020


Pristina Airport handled 1.102.091 passengers in 2020, representing a decrease of 53.4% on the year before, which is below the European average. The airport was the second busiest in the former Yugoslavia after Belgrade, with the pair the only two to handle more than a million passengers in 2020. Pristina Airport was closed for commercial traffic for over three months. Yesterday it was forced to shut its doors again after heavy rainfall and flooding damaged its navigation system, resulting in the cancellation of a number of flights. Services have been restored as of this morning.


  1. Anonymous14:08

    Shows the power of diaspora and how much EU citizenship means (otherwise the diaspora wouldn't have been able to visit in such numbers).

  2. Anonymous15:35

    The mighty Kosovo diaspora!

  3. wow impressive numbers !

  4. Anonymous17:54

    what about aircraft movement?
    Where can I see official data ... so, the web page which publicated the pasenger data.

  5. wich destination had more passengers from Pristina ? Basel ?


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