Ryanair suspends London - Podgorica service


Low cost carrier Ryanair has suspended its flights between London Stansted Airport and Podgorica, with the last service running this past weekend. Ryanair expects to lose 95% of its traffic in February and March, with few if any flights operating from the United Kingdom, because of the latest Covid-19 lockdown and travel restrictions. It expects to fly fewer than 1.25 million passengers in January and 500.000 in February and March, when it would usually carry approximately ten million a month. It said it would significantly cut flight schedules from January 21 so there would be few, if any, services to or from the UK “until such time as these draconian travel restrictions are removed”. No resumption date for the Podgorica service has been outlined. In its last full year of normal operations in 2019, Ryanair handled 36.766 travellers on the Stansted - Podgorica route. It was the airline's busiest service from the Montenegrin capital.


  1. Anonymous10:08

    Good news for JU!

    1. Anonymous11:31

      All airlines lose around 90-95% of pax and JU should profit? How? from what?

    2. Anonymous11:50

      FR is Air Serbia's biggest competitor in TGD. If they cancel their route to UK it is of course bad news for passengers, but it directs passengers from TGD to fly via BEG.

      And yes it is good news for JU in these bad times.

      But you knew that, didn't you?


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