Sarajevo Airport handles under 250.000 passengers


Sarajevo Airport ended 2020 by handling 249.642 travellers, representing a decrease of 78.2% on the previous year. December was the slowest month since the airport was reopened for commercial traffic in June, with 13.367 passengers welcomed during the last month of the year. “It is important to note that Sarajevo Airport is constantly working on both attracting new airlines and the resumption of existing services. We are adjusting to the requirements made by airlines and creating preconditions for the larger-scale resumption of traffic. Airports live off passenger traffic, freight and other related actives and our recovery mostly depends on the normalisation of travel and the easing of epidemiological restrictions”, Sarajevo Airport’s General Manager, Alan Bajić, told EX-YU Aviation News.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN58.397 9.2
FEB51.969 2.2
MAR28.249 58.4
APR929 98.9
MAY367 99.5
JUN3.629 97.0
JUL13.345 92.6
AUG22.014 75.1
SEP21.011 80.1
OCT21.416 77.6
NOV14.949 77.8
DEC13.367 76.8


  1. Anonymous19:54

    better times are coming...

  2. Anonymous01:48

    Let's hope Wizz Air opens the base. Sjj will rock.

  3. Wizz air produzio ugovor sa TZL,tako govori diretor aerodroma TZL...


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