Trade Air hiring twenty cabin crew members


Croatian charter and ACMI operator Trade Air is hiring twenty new members for its cabin crew team. Interested applicants must have prior experience on any aircraft type, be Croatian citizens, have residency in either Velika Gorica or Zagreb and be at least eighteen years of age. Further requirements, as well as the application form, can be found here.


  1. Anonymous17:21

    Are they planning to expand?

  2. Anonymous03:48

    Not sure that they can specifically insist on Croatian citizens. They can sure ask for residency requirements wherever. BUT, as an EU member, I thought the minimum requirements was that applicants be EU citizens ....

    1. Anonymous08:14

      Considering that most airlines are struggling this a great news.

      Maybe for the charter airlines the requirements might have an exception?

  3. Anonymous10:15

    I'm amazed how these Croatian companies keep requiring applicants to be Croatian citizens. Don't they realise they are breaking E.U law.


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