Zagreb joins “Airports of Trust” project


Operator Groupe ADP and 23 of its partner companies, among which is Zagreb Airport, have signed the ‘Airports for Trust’ charter, announcing their shared ambition to build a more sustainable and responsible airport industry with enhanced cooperation. Under the agreement, the signatories emphasised their dedication towards the charter’s four main ambitions. These include moving towards zero-environmental-impact operations and reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. The charter also promotes active participation in the aviation sector’s environmental transition efforts, the integration of each airport into a local resource system, and the reduction of the environmental footprint of airport planning and development projects. Through the charter, the signatories also acknowledged the need to assess the environmental and socioeconomic footprints of their airports and monitor progress with transparency on all the targets mentioned. They set themselves the goal of advancing the entire network by sharing experiences and exchanging best practices. Zagreb Airport’s General Manager, Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, said, “We are proud that Zagreb Airport is part of the "Airports for Trust" project, which will present us with additional obligations and responsibilities for a better and sustainable future”.