Adria Airways brand name sold


The Adria Airways brand name, formerly belonging to Slovenia’s national carrier which declared bankruptcy in September 2019, has been sold on its third attempt to a foreign company for 33.000 euros. The name of the buyer has not been revealed. The initial starting price of 100.000 euros was brought down to 10.000 euros in an attempt to sell the brand name, however, Adria’s bankruptcy administrator and the buyer negotiated a 33.000-euro sales price. In addition to the name, the package also includes three different logos, as well as the web domains,,,,,, and So far, the bankruptcy administrator has also successfully sold Adria Airways’ Air Operator's Certificate for 45.000 euros and the Adria Airways Flight School for 7.500 euros.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Would it happen to be a certain German entrepreneur by any chance

  2. Anonymous13:34

    I guess the buyer was Lufthansa or someone from its group. Maybe Sabena Brussels.

    1. Ingvarsson14:18

      Highly unlikely...

  3. Anonymous13:41

    interesting they had and

  4. Anonymous15:04

    More than strange. Tender with result of 33000. Nonsense)

  5. Anonymous10:15

    Strange as well as buying of AOC


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