Aeroflot plans Dubrovnik, Pula service


Aeroflot has applied and received permits from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency to commence flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Dubrovnik and Pula this coming summer season. The airline is not obligated to launch the flights despite receiving permit approval and tickets are yet to be put on sale. Aeroflot plans to run daily flights to both cities based on its schedule filing. The Russian government is yet to allow for the restoration of flights between the two countries. Under normal circumstances, Aeroflot maintains services to Zagreb and Split in Croatia, with the latter served seasonally.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Great job! Seems market between exyu and Russia is growing.

  2. Anonymous11:06

    are they still coming back to LJ this Friday?

    1. Anonymous11:08

      Russia has still not allowed flights to Slovenia. So I don't know.

    2. Anonymous11:36

      they are selling tickets for this friday...

    3. Anonymous11:37

      I understand. But Aeroflot has done that in the past too. They sell tickets and if they don't receive approval they just cancel them. In fact they did that precisely for LJU months ago.

    4. Anonymous13:48

      @11:37 missed the best part)) Then they offer you a voucher instead of your money and by the time you are ready to use it the voucher is worth XX% less because they increased prices and due to the rouble devaluation. I lost around 1000usd on this by having 3 vouchers in 2020.

  3. Anonymous19:13

    How many russian tourists were in croatia in 2019?


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