Heathrow fares become more expensive


Flights from London Heathrow Airport have become more expensive after it introduced a new coronavirus tax on all tickets this month. Entitled the “United Kingdom Exceptional Regulatory Charge” (R1), the tax amounts to 8.90 pounds or (10.30 euros). The tax is applicable regardless of travel class and distance for all outbound flights from Heathrow. This new charge impacts passengers flying Air Serbia to Belgrade, Croatia Airlines to Zagreb, as well as future British Airways travellers to Dubrovnik, Split, Ljubljana, Pristina and Zagreb, once flights are restored. The tax will be reviewed throughout the year with the aim for it to be eliminated from January 1, 2022, if circumstances permit.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    Oh yes, travel will rebound this year for sure. Lol.

  2. Anonymous17:42

    Incredible. Great way to stimulate air travel.

  3. Anonymous17:42

    Incredibly stingy.

  4. Anonymous19:18

    They do it, because they can.

    1. Anonymous19:27

      We'll see about that - #pandemic.

  5. Anonymous19:43

    Very British and very exceptional!

  6. Anonymous00:51

    It's so misleading to call it a "United Kingdom Exceptional Regulatory Charge" when it only applies to LHR. Yet another reason to avoid that airport.


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