KLM postpones Zagreb expansion


KLM has delayed plans to introduce a second daily flight to Zagreb this February. It comes after the Netherlands introduced a range of new measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, including a night-time curfew in the country and a requirement for passengers to undertake a rapid antigen test up to four hours prior to departure to the country, on top of a negative PCR test. KLM will instead maintain six to seven weekly flights between Amsterdam and the Croatian capital. It initially planned to run a second daily service on the route from February 13. The second daily service may be introduced from March, depending on the situation. 


  1. Anonymous11:09


    1. Well, still ZAG has daily KLM flight to AMS, even during covid crisis, and even OU flying the route as well. And SPU has KLM as well, also daily in season. And no other ex-yu republic and/or airport has. Ouch!

    2. Anonymous12:55

      *double daily to SPU in season. With 737s

    3. Anonymous15:09

      KL isn't daily, please check the timetable.

    4. Thanks for being kind and polite. I appreciate it. And I don't know who do you address, but I believe it's ex-yu aviation, because the first sentence of the article says, I quote : KLM has delayed plans to introduce a second daily flight to Zagreb this February ". So it's either ex-yu is wrong, or the one who needs to check timetable is you. Thanks for understanding.

    5. Anonymous07:14

      KLM planned to boost ZAG from 7 to 14 flights. Now they have not only reduced it back to 7 but have further reduced it to 6 weekly due to crashing demand.


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