Montenegro Airlines relaunch delayed


The limited relaunch of Montenegro Airlines with services to Belgrade has been delayed until at least February 20 due to ongoing issues with SITA, the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology. The former Montenegrin flag carrier owes the information technology company over 100.000 euros. Until the debt is settled, the company will be unable to take off. Nearly every passenger flight around the world relies on SITA technology. The Montenegrin government previously planned for the airline to resume operations on a temporary basis on February 8 in order to retain slots and staff licensing, which would be taken over by the newly set up ToMontenegro, once it is ready to launch.


  1. Anonymous10:51

    So, to sum it up: They announced bankruptcy, laid workers off, owe millions to everyone. Then they decide to revive the airline, but just for one route, but if possible not to pay debtors and keep flying like nothing happened.

    Please, give up on this idea and stop embarrassing the whole nation.

    1. Anonymous10:56

      I think they don't even know who are all the parties they owe money to.

    2. Anonymous11:46

      I would say the same. The new managenemt came in and are probably trying to catch up who owes who and how much... If I was them I would seek some alliance with JU, deploy their jets under a sister company name and base a couple in TGD and TIV and go from there.

      Otherwise pretty soon Wizz or Ryan will take over the market

  2. I believe they should pay to SMATSA as well. They shall forget about old Montenegro habbit to promiss, and after a whille to forget promiss once they have to pay what they promissed to pay.

  3. Anonymous13:37

    In harsh times like this with 5-10 daily flights in many airports in the region, every delay is worth it. YM should act cautiously and spend every penny wisely. Those 100 thousand can be seeked from the Ministry of Finance or a bigger Western bank.

  4. Anonymous18:25

    They were kicked out of IATA's clearing house system, so unless they're going to collect cash payments for tickets, I don't see how they can operate.


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